Hill Country Distillers, LLC

Comfort, Texas, a sweet little area about an hour outside of San Antonio where I happen into this small but great Distillery, Hill Country. I have to take a moment to reflect on… Continue reading

Lake Como, Italy

Also known as Lario (Latin word for lake) Lake Como is 56 square miles and the third largest lake in Italy. The lake is about 1,300 feet deep and is one of the… Continue reading

Rebecca Creek Distillery

Co-founded in 2009, Rebecca Creek Distilleries was the first distillery to be named after a woman. Owners Steve Ison and Mike Cameron set out to create a progressive selection of spirits consisting of whiskey… Continue reading

Bangkok, Thailand

Asia wasn’t on my “bucket list” but when the opportunity arouse I thought, why not if I went anywhere in Asia it would be Thailand for sure! The journey was pretty far, but… Continue reading

Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui for me was a resort and party town! It is reminiscent of a popular spring break location (who knew, not me). This island was truly small. So small that I was tickled at the… Continue reading

Oller Del Mas Winery

Oller Del Mas winery sits on a 1,000-acre estate and is equipped with its own medieval castle. This gorgeous and scenic vineyard is situated around Plà de Bagés, just a short distance drive away from the picturesque… Continue reading

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany has always been a dream destination for me since I was a kid. We took a short drive (about 40 minutes) while staying Florence for a day trip and this is how… Continue reading

Greenhook Ginsmiths

Brooklyn based gin distillery, Greenhook Ginsmiths was established in 2012 by two brothers Steven & Philip DeAngelo. The distillery sits very secluded on (Dupont Street) close to the line of Queens, just before you cross the bridge… Continue reading

Florence, Italy

A lil’ history Florence or Firenze, birthplace of the Renaissance, is home to much art and architecture masters pieces. As soon as we arrived I thought of packing my bags and soon as… Continue reading

The Noble Experiment NYC

The Noble Experiment NYC after being stood up by a friend one Saturday afternoon, I decided to pay a visit to a local rum distillery in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I said RUM IN… Continue reading