Oller Del Mas Winery

Oller Del Mas winery sits on a 1,000-acre estate and is equipped with its own medieval castle. This gorgeous and scenic vineyard is situated around Plà de Bagés, just a short distance drive away from the picturesque… Continue reading

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany has always been a dream destination for me since I was a kid. We took a short drive (about 40 minutes) while staying Florence for a day trip and this is how… Continue reading

Greenhook Ginsmiths

Brooklyn based gin distillery, Greenhook Ginsmiths was established in 2012 by two brothers Steven & Philip DeAngelo. The distillery sits very secluded on (Dupont Street) close to the line of Queens, just before you cross the bridge… Continue reading

Florence, Italy

A lil’ history Florence or Firenze, birthplace of the Renaissance, is home to much art and architecture masters pieces. As soon as we arrived I thought of packing my bags and soon as… Continue reading

The Noble Experiment NYC

The Noble Experiment NYC after being stood up by a friend one Saturday afternoon, I decided to pay a visit to a local rum distillery in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I said RUM IN… Continue reading

Rome, Italy

I visited Rome on a day trip from Florence. I found Rome to be a bustling city, very similar to where I live. The streets were packed with locals and tourists everywhere, me… Continue reading

Brooklyn Crush Wine and Artisanal Festival

If you are a wine lover and like to experiment with different types of homemade, non-mass produced foods or even if you don’t know quite what you like but was looking to figure… Continue reading

Córdoba, Spain

Such a quaint small city but was so LARGE in culture and RICH in historic value! With just a short 30 minute high-speed train ride from Seville, Córdoba was said to be one of the most… Continue reading

Wine in Fayetteville, “Who’d have thunk it?”

  After over a decade of periodic trips to North Carolina, specifically the Fayetteville area for a multitude of reasons: work, family visits and special occasions a friend that knows how much I’m into… Continue reading

Things I Learned at Industry City Distillery

I had the opportunity to check out another distillery, a hidden gem in the new neighbor of Industry City. Industry City Distillery produces mainly vodka with some gin products. The space was pretty sizable, with… Continue reading